Monday, May 28, 2012

George Johnson

Highly Talented artist, George Johnson and his self titled CD, "George Johnson," really knows how to spin a spectacular collection of Pop/Rock songs. Many of the songs on this album also feature the amazing talents of The Jordanaires & The Memphis Horns. Opening up this wonderful album, the song, "Can't Outrun the Radio," grooves with sweet and charming vocals and a warm and inviting tone. You will hear a soulful blend on the songs, "Freedom (feat. The Jordanaires)" and "Am I Goin' Crazy Over You? (feat. The Jordanaires.)" These songs have dynamic power and great instrumentation. "She's a Twister, I'm a Trailer Park," will really put a smile on your face. Not only does this song have a bouncy beat but the lyrics are fantastic. If you like Eric Clapton or Steely Dan then you will definitely enjoy the delectable melodies on the outstanding Pop/Rock album, "George Johnson."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I’m Not Ready

"I'm Not Ready," is the recently released Rock single by talented artist Joey Smokes.  This single has a smooth melodic groove and a solid Rock foundation. Smokes sets the tone of this single with his strong and solid vocals while the instruments perform with a steady rhythmic beat. His voice has a nice dynamic range as he sings these thought provoking lyrics with gripping attitude. As you listen to the song, you will find that it has a dark, edgy tonality and impresses with its mysterious appeal. If you enjoy artists such as Foo Fighters and Metallica then you will really enjoy the excellent Rock single, "I'm Not Ready."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dirty Banquet

Discover the musical talents of the spectacular band, Uberphonics, and their fabulous CD, "Dirty Banquet." This album is a treasure trove of musical delights as there are elements of Jazz, Funk, and Rock all wrap up in a package. The trio of musicians, (guitar, bass, and drums) really knows how to take music to the next level as these enticing songs will seep into your soul. Kicking off the CD, "What It Is," reels you in with a funky bass line, solid drums, and magnetic guitar riffs. Another track, "Beyond, Beyond," has a Pink Floyd ambiance and captures a warm and inviting tonality. "Two Potatoes, Two Rolls," is a song with a fun funky groove and showcases talented musicians jamming at their best. If you like the Allman Brothers or Pink Floyd then you will definitely enjoy the jam band tracks on the brilliant album, "Dirty Banquet."


"Faceless" is the recently released Alternative Rock CD by the talented group Ninecircus. This album is comprised of songs that are splashed with a dynamic balance and a rich, consistent sound. Opening up the CD, the song, "Immortality," is steeped with hypnotic vocals that are surrounded by crunchy guitar. Another track, "Beautiful Mistake," has a softer feel but still carries an edgy attitude as the searing guitar adds an electrifying appeal. "Love Alert," is an irresistible song with a melodic melody and charming vocals. You will find this album has an upbeat and vibrant tonality that is set to thought provoking lyrics. If you like Kings of Leon or U2 then you will find the fabulous collection of songs on the excellent album, "Faceless," well worth listening to.

Friday, March 23, 2012

In On It

Marc James and his excellent Rock/Modern Rock CD, "In On It," really sets the mood for some fun party music. This album consists of splashy sounds and lyrical lyrics the will really put the groove in your mood. Opening up the album, the song, "Good Kiss (From A Bad Girl)," is intoxicating as the vocals evoke emotive tonality while the synth sounds and percussion keep a strong and solid rhythm. "Underground," is another song that moves with a sweet and charming style and features nice, dynamic instrumentation that complement the charismatic vocals. The song, "Sexuality," has a driving beat, a catchy melody, and rocks with a psychedelic enchantment. If you are into David Bowie or Psychedelic Furs then you will thoroughly enjoy the delectable songs on the terrific CD, "In On It."


Discover the musical talents of Daryl Boyer and his outstanding Rock/Adult Alternative CD, "Armistice." This album impresses with its irresistible melodies and is quite appealing as it entices you with its warm and inviting tonality. The song, "Knowing What I Know," grooves with a free flowing charm as the vocals draws you in with a magnetic attraction. "Here With Me," is a catchy melody that has a more edgier Rock sound. You will like how the searing guitar adds punch to the mix while the vocals project a dynamic power. Another song, "I Will Never Leave," has a strong, rocking beat and ignites with sharp vocals that deliver a melodic melody. Fans of Lifehouse or Chris Daughtry will really enjoy the spectacular collection of songs on the album, "Armistice."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Experimental Misfits

The talented group, Jyra, releases another impressive Rock/Electronic CD, "Experimental Misfits." This album reaches well beyond its psychedelic roots as there is an abundance of stirring lyrics and mysterious sounding melodies. The song, "The better in me," offers charming vocals that are complemented by the velvety rhythm of the acoustic guitar. "Here they come," is a song that features industrial like pulses and an ambient soundscape. The synth sounds swirl around the thudding drum beats and crunchy guitar with a dark edgy tonality. "Innocent Lover," is a magnetic song with a crisp piano and stunning strings that accompanying the charming vocals with a passionate style. If you like Radiohead or Pink Floyd, then you are in for a special treat when you hear the outstanding CD, "Experimental Misfits."